Lights At Sea Palace Walls

Cat#: MOM004

$5.00 USD

While initial comparisons might draw paralells between Palace Walls and obvious post rock acts such as Explosions In The Sky, Caspian or Red Sparowes, Lights At Sea have struck a gorgeous balance on this release that is equal parts cinematic, urgent and bold.

The Vinyl version is currently sold out. The CD version of this release is in a full jewel case with a 4 panel insert that showcases all of the luscious artwork from the LP version.

Pressing Information
  • 25 Test Presses
  • 104 Maroon/Light Blue A/B
  • 159 Transparent Green

Where many of their post-rock cohorts might spend the hour within a release dwelling on a phrase or segment, repeating it ad naseum, Lights At Sea have done a marvelous job on Palace Walls of giving the listener just enough to get them hooked - both within the songs and with the album as a whole. While many might see 7 tracks on an album such as this as being an arduous task that they are about to embark upon, this release hits on all of the fine points without overstaying it's welcome, and leaves you wishing for at least a little more.

Fully instrumental, incredibly dynamic and featuring striking artwork by Ryan P (Ryan P Photography), this release also boasts screen printed poly sleeves and is a split release between Mind Over Matter and Barrett Records. We are also very proud to be working with Beardcore for this record! Please check out all of our partners for this album - this is truly an example of community and cooperation.