Empires - Freshwater Reflection EP 12 INCH

Empires Freshwater Reflection EP

Cat#: MOM003

$9.99 USD

Everything about this release is metaphoric to the slow change of seasons and to the inevitable evolution of ideas, from the eventual writing and recording process of the songs down to the very last detail of the artwork. Despite the many roadblocks that preceded this release, it is finally seeing the light of day.

Four tunes spanning a long-playing 12" record, this LP finds Empires exploring even more of their black metal infused, ambient, doom-inspired instrumental glory. Equal parts soothing and crushing, this collection of songs runs the gamit of dynamics that Empires has brought to the table on previous releases and only makes us more psyched to hear what they conjur up for their next full length! The artwork is a beautifully printed inner sleeve of photos taken around northern Minnesota complimented by semi-transparent screen printing on the outer picture disc sleeve that houses everything, creating several layers of artwork within one piece. Truly a sight to behold, and all designed by James Kreager of Arctantic Design.

Pressing Information
  • 10 Test Presses
  • 220 Transparent "Ice" Blue