Various Artists - Mystery 7 Inch Box 7 INCH

Various Artists Mystery 7 Inch Box

Cat#: MOM999

$19.99 USD

We've put out a LOT of really great 7" releases over the past 10 years, and this is a great chance to sample the goods. Take the plunge - we have some great surprises in store for every mystery box!

PLEASE NOTE: These are already boxed up to add to the mystery component, so accept our apologies for the lack of handwritten notes in these packages.

We've put together a very small number of 7" mystery boxes up for grabs! We've pulled together releases from our entire history as a label and we've made sure to include lots of extra goodies beyond just a basic mystery box!

Inside of each box, you will find a coupon code ranging from 10%-25% with one lucky box containing a 50% off coupon code that will be good to use on any future purchase. We've also pulled some rarities from our archive, including out of print releases, out of print variants and even some variants that were never put up for sale!

Lastly, there are three boxes that contain a test pressing from our catalogue as well. Three different test pressings, in fact, so if you buy multiple mystery boxes, you have a chance to score more than one test pressing! If you weren't already aware, all of our test pressings are hand numbered and feature alternate, hand-crafted artwork.

Since there are only 20 of these in existence, the odds are very good that you'll score big!