Our Lady - II 12 INCH

Our Lady II

Cat#: MOM018

$5.00 USD

"II" was originally released on cassette tape via It's A Trap! Records in late 2013, and we immediately fell in love with the songs. As always, we wanted to take a slightly different approach with the release, and we decided to really drive it home for vinyl fans.

The vinyl version of "II" features an exclusive track that wasn't on the cassette and we don't intend to make it available via digital outlets [Edit in 2019: it's totally available via digital outlets. In fact, we are stoked to have the full album on Spotify, Apple Music and more!]. If you want to hear this incredible tune...buying the physical product is the only way to do it! Additionally, we took great care in remastering the audio before cutting the lacquers (which were done by Dave at Lucky Lacquers, for those of you keeping score) and also in giving the album a new track listing. We wanted to ensure that it was a seamless listening experience - not only from start to finish, but also within each side of the LP. This is 100% a release that is meant to be listened to in the analog format.

The artwork boasts a die-cut jacket, finished off by a hand-painted two color "swirl" effect and with the track listing and numbering being screen printed on the back cover. These include a two-sided insert with lyrics as well as a fancy black inner sleeve.

Pressing Information
  • 15 Test Presses (Opaque Pink)
  • 100 Mint Green
  • 200 Opaque Pink